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To Catch a Billionaire Dragon Part Two-Vertaa jokaiseen tarjoukseen

9789527061091 - Hannah Kane: To Catch a Billionaire Dragon Part Two - Kirja
Hannah Kane (?):

To Catch a Billionaire Dragon Part Two (2015) (?)

Toimitus: Brasilia

ISBN: 9789527061091 (?) tai 9527061091, Tuntematon kieli, Smashwords, Smashwords, Smashwords, Uusi, eBook, digitaalinen lataus

1,17 (BRL 3,93)¹(Ilmainen toimitus, sitoumuksetta)
Alkaen myyjä/Antikvaarisia
Laurel's and Logan's story continues: After Logan's thoughtless act causes her an agent and a quiet place to write, Laurel doesn't want to see him again. She swears to cut the dragon Drust from her book too, so that she won't be constantly reminded of him-as if that would work. To top it all, she has to take a job, even if it practically prevents her from writing. Logan is desperate to apologize to Laurel, and make amends, but he can't find her. He didn't know a person could disappear so completely, even in New York. But he won't give up, no matter how difficult things look. He wants Laurel back-and her to see him worthy of being her dragon again.A chance encounter brings the estranged lovers back to each other's lives again. But are Logan's attempts to make amends enough for Laurel? And will their rekindling relationship freeze for good when he learns that she has betrayed his trust?This is part two of three, approx. 40 pages.
Myyjä tilausnumero: f9d3c47e-65d5-433c-8325-64985a3b361d
Alustan numero 375919789527061091
Luokka: Romance
Avainsanat: To Catch a Billionaire Dragon Part Two Hannah Kane Adult Romance 9789527061091
Tietoja 15.03.2017 17:47h
ISBN (vaihtoehtoinen merkintätavat): 952-7061-09-1, 978-952-7061-09-1


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