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The Book of Witches - Vertaa kaikkia tarjouksia

9789527250068 - Leena Maria: The Book of Witches
Leena Maria (?):

The Book of Witches (2017) (?)

ISBN: 9789527250068 (?) tai 9527250064, Tuntematon kieli, Leena Maria, Leena Maria, Leena Maria, Uusi, eBook, digitaalinen lataus

2,41 (US$ 2,99)¹(Ilmainen toimitus, sitoumuksetta)
Alkaen myyjä/Antikvaarisia
Nina thought she was just an ordinary teenager until the morning she woke up dead. She found herself in the afterlife, in the Halfway House of those souls who had kicked the bucket prematurely. She needs the help of two bored dead teenagers, an ancient angel and a demon called George to get back to the land of the living, but she is not safe from whoever tried to snatch her body. An ancient Egyptian curse is involved - in the form of a cursed soul - as are good and bad witches and spell books. And what does winning the lottery have to do with anything? All this happening on the plates in space the human kind managed to build before the asteroid hit the earth. A fast moving, humorous story. Not for the serious reader.