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9789529399734 - E. Laurett: The Soul Stones - Kirja
E. Laurett (?):

The Soul Stones (2018) (?)

Toimitus: YhdysvallatUusi kirjaeBook, e-kirja, digitaalinen kirjatuotteen lataamiseen

ISBN: 9789529399734 (?) tai 9529399731, Tuntematon kieli, E. Laurett, E. Laurett, E. Laurett, Uusi, eBook, digitaalinen lataus

5,49 (US$ 6,76)¹(Ilmainen toimitus, sitoumuksetta)
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With his village left in ruins and his father captured by the army of a ruthless king, Kim Yuki is sent on a tortuous and dangerous journey to the distant kingdom of Asheria. Alone, with a bag of mysterious blue stones, he ventures into the unknown in search for the help of a skilled wizard. To rescue his father he'll have to unearth the secret of who he really is and enter a fantastic world of magic, mighty beasts, fearless warriors and cunning thieves. In his many adventures, Kim is forced to learn to expect the unexpected, accept the unexplained and bless the unforgiven. The Soul Stones is a memorable tale of friendship, faith and hope that will guide you to a world where everything is possible.
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Avainsanat: The Soul Stones E. Laurett Book 9789529399734
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